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New single up on iTunes

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Radio Tour I Day 1

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What up ya’ll? Greetings from the Hampton Inn in Tulsa, OK. It’s a little bit of a rainy day here in Oklahoma. We are on day 1 of a five day radio tour throughout the Midwest and southern US. I am traveling with my drummer/mechanic/personal assistant Matt Buerky. We’re sick of each other already – just joking. This morning, we started at 99 Hit FM in Springfield, MO with our old friend Rod Kittleman


Next, we were off to the Wind FM in Springfield, MO with our old friend KC Wright and our new friends Chalmer and Ben. We went to lunch [I talked them out of sushi] and we ended up at a Chinese buffet.


Finally, we left out for Siloam Spring, AR. Just for anyone who will be making the trek from Springfield to Siloam Springs any time soon…take some car-sick medicine. That drive is not for the faint of heart! We had a GREAT time with Mark and the crew at KLRC. We played a few songs for the staff and they fed us pizza and Chips Ahoy, so they are our new favorite people!! FINALLY…we hopped in the car and made the much straighter trek to Tulsa from Siloam Springs – which brings us back to the present – the Hampton Inn in Tulsa:) We will be hanging with the morning show peeps at KXOJ [] tomorrow morning. Check them out online and listen to the interview if you are able to.

It is beddy-bye time for me!! More updates tomorrow.

Peace – CR

Your Word Remains [Acoustic]

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This is an acoustic performance of ‘Your Word Remains’ to a private audience at an in-studio radio show in Camdenton, MO. This song will be a part of my upcoming release ‘Until Everyone is Free’, which will hit stores and online on July 28th. Hope you enjoy!

New Video Blog // Pre-Order

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New Single up on MySpace

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Hey guys…head over to and check out the first glimpse of the new record coming out July 28th. The song is called ‘Love Song for a King’. It goes for adds April 10th, so if you feel so inclined to call up that local radio station of yours and request the song, I will not stop you from doing it:)


I Love This Part…

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When they hit play on recording strings for my records, I become like a child in Willy Wonka’s factory!!